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Winback 3SE WB-3SE

WINBACK 3SE  is a revolutionary esthetic and physiotherapy device that performs TECAR Therapy to get Outcome Rehabilitation from Transfer Energy Capacitive And Resistive through energy Radiofrequency to give the effect of diminution and streamline, firming, massage effect according to the system myotome and lymphatic, weight loss and the formation of the body. The results can directly visible only in one instant in care. Average client would have the abdomen and thight circumstance again / arms about 2 – 6 cm only in one care treatment

This machine use Monopolar Current that has  0.3 – 1.2 MHz frequency and will raise intracell and extracell performance so as to give diathermy effect in TECAR Therapy. There are RET Mode (Deep & Warm), divided into: RET and RET+ Mode, while CET Mode (Superficial & Heat), divided into: CET and DeepCET Mode

Other version: Winback 1S

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  • Aesthetic : which can be adjusted and Slimming & Firming treatment on the face chubby, arm, tigh and abdominal or dilate can be made of the body shaping countour with Radiofrequency Monopolar is a WINBACK 3SE.
  • Traumatology : where can handle complains physical (whole body), oedem or swelling, installation ORIF or implant on the body has excess, stiffness or pain, etc
  • Rhematology : where pain in the joints could have been treated, although the effects are not permanent because will continue to appear a complaint when provocation appear related metabolism excess because the body, so complaints in the joints also could have been treated by WINBACK 3SE.
  • Pain : where mordeant and deep pain or blunt and superficial pain, even pain spread and referred pain also can handled on acute and cronic condition.
  • Phebology : which brought the current at lymphatic system in order to help reduce travel blood flow better and effective.
  • Sport Injury : Where when there has been a shift, swelling, clash or broken though whose bones are to not pierce the skin (at least operative effect) may be assisted by the waves radiofrequency for alleviating gripes that occurs.
Power Source 50 – 60 Hz
Electric Power 100 ± 10% Watt 
Operation Temperature 5˚- 40˚C
Alimenation AC 100 – 240 V
Puissance 300 W
Weight 5 KGS
Result Treatmen
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