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I2PL I2PL - The New Generation of IPL

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) describes the use of intense pulse of non coherent light that distributed over a range of wavelength, while laser only has one specific wavelength.

I2PL is a brand of IPL that is less pain and more effective than the usual IPL. I2PL has 7 filters for various indications.

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Nett Weight                                 25 kgs
Dimension       55 (L) x 41 (W) x 33 (H) cm
Electricity 10-50 J/cm2
Pulse width 2-20 ms  
Number of pulse 1-5 pulses
Pulse Intermission 5-60 ms
Delivery Sapphire Coupling
Spot Size 15x50 mm2 (probe temperature:   -5oC) 
Repeat Frequency up to 1 pulse every 1 or 2 or 3 seconds, adjustable.
Cooling System water cooling, forced cooling, semi-conductor cooling
Quality Standard CE  Certificate,  CE Medical, ISO 13485, KEMENKES Registered
Touch Screen 16 x 180 cm
Filter 7 filters with 7 various range.
  • Active acne
  • Hair removal
  • Rejuvenation & Brightening
  • Soft Hyperpigmentation
  • Telangiectasia
  • Acne redness
  1. Less pain
I2PL is distributed over a range of wavelength from 400 nm to 950 nm, while other IPL usually reach to 1200 nm. The 950 – 1200nm  is removed in I2PL so it does not heat water in our skin and  and make the treatment feel less pain.
I2PL also has a special cooling system that can reach 5oC, so the application of I2PL doesn’t feels hot and painful.
  1. Less cost
I2PL’s lamp lifetime is very long (up to 2.000.000 shots), that makes the cost of the treatment become very cheap. Beside that, the application of gel is not needed because we have a special cooling system in I2PL.
  1. Yellotoning
Yellotoning is an alexandrite but in a form of light (not laser, has a range of wavelength). Alexandrite can rejuvenate the skin and make it brighter.
  1. Shower Mode
Just like the name—shower, the light can be showered to the patient’s face or body and become the exclusive treatment.
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