(Must Have for New Clinic) Multiply your Profit with IPL!

Mei 27, 2020   |   by Espro   |   Tip & Trick
 (Must Have for New Clinic) Multiply your Profit with IPL! IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is a light therapy that is often used in dermatology. Unlike the monochromatic laser (which has 1 wavelength), IPL is polychromatic (consisting of many wavelengths) with a spectrum that is controlled using a filter so that the output wavelength is in the form of a range (eg. acne therapy 400-950nm). The presence of many filters on IPL allows more treatment menus to be offered to patients.

(+) Affordable price

In general, IPL is relatively more affordable compared to laser. This reason is often being a consideration of clinic owners who start stepping using machines in their clinics. But, make sure to look at the machine specifications before deciding to buy! Because after all, machine’s specification is the key.

(+) Provides a variety of treatment menus

IPL is also known as a multifunctional machine. As a tip, choose an IPL that has many filters. Filters that are often found in IPL include: skin rejuvenation, hair removal, acne, telangiectasia, melasma and freckles.

(+) Differentiation strategy

Many people think that new things are interesting to try. The use of IPL can be an escape for patients who are bored with the same traditional facial treatments. The experience of using a beauty machine will be the main attraction to visit and do treatment at your clinic.

(+) Non-invasive, safer treatment

When offering new treatments to patients, they often questioning about side effects or is there down time after treatment. IPL is non-ablative, means that it does not cause visible hole or wound on the skin. So that patients can immediately continue their activities after treatment, of course with the use of sunscreen and avoid direct sun exposure.

(+) Easy maintenance, low consumables cost

Generally, IPL’s maintenance consists of replacing water and cleaning filters and probes. There is no complicated or special maintenance. In addition, the consumable cost of is really acceptable and reasonable, moreover there is IPLs that offer prices less than IDR 10, - each shoots!
As additional tips, to reduce consumable cost, choose IPL that does not require gel when in use. Beside it help to reduce work of beautician (means that increase effectivity), treatment time become shorter and the patient definitely will feel more comfortable. Last but not least, this certainly reduces the costs that should be incurred for the needs of the gel.
So, how? Are you ready to double your clinic turnover?

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