Introduction to Korean Glass Skin trend and Glass Skin Laser Treatment in Indonesia

Mei 16, 2020   |   by Espro   |   News
 Introduction to Korean Glass Skin trend and Glass Skin Laser Treatment in Indonesia Glass Skin, or called 유리 피부 (Yuri-Pibu) in Korean is the latest trend that shows the condition of bright, healthy, radiant and glowing skin as well as shiny as glass. Of course not only beautiful appearance, but also the skin is in soft and free from large pores and pimples condition. Need to remember that glowing and glossy glass skin certainly needs to be distinguished from greasy and oil-filled skin.

In order to get "glass skin" look, all you need to do is having healthy lifestyle, such as: getting enough sleep, drinking at least 2 liters of water per day, eating nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables, and exercising diligently. In addition, skincare support is needed to get optimal glass skin. Steps skincare trends in Korea are not kidding, some even reach up to 10 steps! These steps may include:
1. Oil-based cleanser
2. Water-based cleanser
3. Gentle exfoliator
4. Toner
5. Essence
6. Booster / ampoule / serum
7. Sheet mask
8. Eye cream
9. Moisturizer
10. Sun protection in the morning, or overnight mask at night

Pretty much, isn’t it?

Beside it may drain your wallet to buy many kinds of product, to complete the overall stages of one skincare routine of course it takes time. Maybe, a lot. Not to mention that 10 steps skincare routine is done 2 times a day, and every day!

But no need to worry, darl!

For those of you who are too busy doing the lengthy stages of skincare routine, or not ready to invest tons of product (keep in mind that not all product suit for your skin, it might causing breakout too), there is a solution: laser treatments.

"Laser for Glass Skin? Is it safe?"

Definitely yes. Laser diode 1450nm (Read: Acure & Accutoning) is known for acne problem and glass skin treatment. This laser does not cause injury, is quite comfortable to use, and suitable for all skin types.

"What about the result?"

Your skin immediately glow right after the treatment finished!

"Is there any after treatment requirement?"

No. You can still use favorite skincare as usual (such as moisturizer and serum) to maintain your skin glows. You may also use makeup directly on the same day. Psst, after this treatment, your makeup will be even more sticky to your skin! Apart from doing this treatment monthly, you can take this treatment as your priority option before attending special occasions such as reunion, social gathering, party and wedding.

Special info for: Doctors and Clinic Owners
As the Korean glass skin trend expands, grab your pen and write down “glass skin treatment” on your menu to attract visitors. Combine your clinic skincare with 1450nm diode laser treatment from Espro! Our diode lasers have been used in many beauty clinics in Indonesia and the results have been well recognized. To learn more about our 1450nm diode laser specifications, kindly read Acure and Accutoning article.

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